ok please watch this vid of my perfect former street cat eat. will not disappoint I promise.

it’s just shoveling food into its mouth
this cat is actually a cat I would probably like

  • Hamlet: You read my journal?
  • Horatio: At first I did not know it was your diary. I thought it was a very sad handwritten book.
I will carry 17 grocery bags or die trying before making two trips.
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Merida by looseey on Flickr.


Merida by looseey on Flickr.


a moment of silence for all the little girls this halloween who had to be anna because their older sister wanted to be elsa


Another Elsa Event!

So i just did another little Elsa appearance for a friend of my room mate! My wig had to be thrown away because it was just getting so ratty, so this is my own hair that i quickly styled! The color is obviously not light enough, but i’m going to get it done by halloween and try to keep it like that for other events like this! 

The Birthday girl was Elsa and her older sister was Anna!

It was really fun and helped answer some questions for me re how to go about doing kids birthday parties in the future! I only popped in and ended up staying for only 10 mintes because the kids were pretty shy and quiet and it was a really casual thing that I was doing!

People run from rain but sit in bathtubs full of water.

Charles Bukowski (via bittersweetsongs)

Wow bukowski so profound do you also bathe fully clothed you dickhead. “Oohh isn’t it funny that a person will eat when they’re hungry but will duck if you throw an apple at their face”

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He popped the first two. Now he carries this one very gently


He popped the first two. Now he carries this one very gently


Turtle enjoying a bath)